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Jon Moules:

In honor of jonathan moules

who we are


Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery, located in Glenolden, PA, was founded in December of 2020 on the principle that healing from addiction requires human connection and loving support. Our promise to every resident at Jon Moules is that we will be by their side on their journey to a sober and a better life.

We believe that kindness, respect, and support are two-way streets and we receive just as much of these things as we offer them to others. At Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery, you will have the opportunity to learn how important it is to ask for help, learn how to accept help, and ultimately learn how to be helpful others. 

what we do


Recovery from the hopelessness of alcoholism and addiction requires more than simply staying sober; we have to rebuild our lives on this new foundation. Therefore, our program's approach is focused on helping community members reconstruct their lives by holding them accountable to achieving weekly recovery and personal goals.

Consistently making progress by taking small steps will make a huge difference even before it is noticed. From resume writing and budgeting to connecting with support groups and developing new coping skills, you have our support. We have discovered that when a person in recovery stays engaged in improving their life, the results inspire a passion for their newfound sobriety.

why we do it


Jonathan Moules was a very loved 22 year old who lost his battle with the disease of addiction on January 7, 2014, a day that changed the lives of his family and friends forever.


Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery was founded in memory of Jonathan Moules and in recognition of the selflessness of his family and friends in the fight against addiction. The disease of addiction is unique in its ability to cause suffering and misunderstanding to the loved ones of the afflicted. Our mission is to raise awareness and spread understanding about addiction while also helping men recover from this disease. We do recover and so do our families.

Please visit to read Jonathan's full story and learn how to get involved.

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