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About Us


David Burke

Program Director and Co-Founder



For the past 2 years, David has lived in, managed, and supervised recovery houses in Delco, PA. Now, as a Co-Founder and Program Director of Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery in Glenolden, PA, David is working to excite his residents about the new life that lies ahead for them in recovery by helping them set and meet weekly personal and recovery goals.


Todd Craig

Director of Operations and Co-Founder



A hard-working family-man, Todd has built his life on a foundation of spiritual principles. His passion is being of service to others because he recognizes that he is the product of the generosity and guidance of people in the recovery community himself. As a Co-Founder and Operations Director at Jon Moules: Steps4Recovery, Todd makes sure that the living space is always comfortable and well-maintained.


Brad Craig


The loving and supportive brother of Todd, Brad has seen the revolutionary change in the mind, body, and spirit that takes place when someone suffering with drug and alcohol addiction recovers. Addiction affects the family and friends of the sufferer in a way that is unlike any other illness. Brad’s motivation is to help families heal and recover by providing a space for their loved ones to receive the support they need.

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