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Our program

Building the foundation for a fulfilling sober life

Happy Man

our mission

Our mission is to create a space where recovering addicts and alcoholics can begin to see that there is a great life waiting for them in sobriety filled with connection and purpose.

We show our guys that recovery can be full of beautiful moments, laughter, and joy by showing up and walking side-by-side with them the way that someone did for us. 

our program


  • Involvement in a spiritual felloweship and program of action

  • 90 meetings for the first 90 days

  • Weekly goal setting and progress reporting

  • 30 day orientation period


  • Location sharing, curfews, and daily communication

  • Random drug and alcohol screenings twice a week

  • In-depth check-ins at weekly house meetings 


  • Live-in house manager and present program directors

  • Frequent follow-ups and suggestions for weekly goals

  • One-on-one assistance with budgeting and job hunting

  • Family communication and support


our house

Located in Glenolden, PA, our house is built for group living. Equipped with two kitchens, three full baths, and multiple community lounging spaces, there is plenty of room to breathe.

With eight fully furnished bedrooms spread out over three floors and a maximum capacity of 11 residents, our house is designed to accommodate everyone comfortably.

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